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General Info

Our tours are generally around just 16 clients in total. This enables you to get to know your fellow cyclists better, and make new friends. We will eat together most nights, building camaraderie within the group. In some locations, there will be the possibility to go off and find a restaurant yourself, but most evenings are spent eating together.

Have your bike collected from your door before the tour, and delivered back after the tour, just for an extra £45 (2022 prices) each way ! This obviously only applies to mainland UK.

On the tour itself you only need to carry the minimum of equipment and food. Your main luggage is transported from one hotel to the next by the support vehicle.

The support vehicle will generally meet you between every 25 and 30 miles. So our average day is often around 75 miles, and you will meet the van at around 25 and 50 miles. At these ‘pit stops’ you will be fed and watered. hot drinks and cold water available, as are sandwiches, cakes, snacks etc.

All your accommodation is booked and organised for you.

All you need to do is ride your bike !!


We at ACT believe that you will enjoy your tour far more on your own bike.

So we have a customised van that can securely transport your bike from your home to the start of the tour, and then back again.

The front wheel is taken off, and then the forks fastened down with a quick release mechanism, holding it tight and secure as the van moves.

The back few bikes are always padlocked in, while a mobile alarm is placed in the back over night when the van is full of bikes.

For transporting your bike and delivering it to the start of the tour, we charge just £45 (2022 price), and a further £45 to bring it back. Far easier and safer than dismantling it, and taking it on the plane or train. The only adjustments we may make are to loosen the handlebars. If you are exceptionally tall we may need to lower the seat, but this is unusual, and not normally necessary.

Enjoy your tour on your own bike, no fuss, no hassle, no problem.

We recommend a touring bike or a road bike with 25 to 28 mm tyres. Mountain bikes are NOT suitable. The most important thing is that the bike functions properly and that you are comfortable riding it. You should make sure that your bike has suitable gears as there are some steep hills on parts of the route. You should also make sure that you are able to carry some spare food and extra clothing with you on the bike.


We advise clients to take their passports on ALL of our tours, except LEJOG. Even Ireland is easiest when carrying your passport.

You are also required to have travel insurance for the duration of the holiday, although British passport holders do not require insurance to visit Northern Ireland. This insurance should cover cancellation of your tour due to injury or ill health, and help getting back to the UK if incapacitated.

Our regular supported tours are the main stay of the company.

This type of tour is where your daily rides are supported by a vehicle that drives the same route, and is at hand if needed, as well as meeting the cyclists every 25 to 30 miles for a ‘pitstop’. At the ‘pitstop’, you’ll be fed and watered, and refreshed. So there’s no need to carry anything on your bike other than water, inner tube and tyre levers, and the odd gel if you think you’ll need it. Your bags are all transported by the van from one hotel to the next.

So all you have to do is ride and enjoy the scenery. It’s a great way to cycle, just like riding a sportive, but for multiple days, for the length of the tour. With us as well, your bike is collected from your door, and brought back to your door, after the tour. So this really is the easiest and best way to cycle tour. You just arrive and ride. Everything else is organised for you.

So if your time is limited, and you need someone else to take the hard work out of touring, then join us on one of our superb, enjoyable tours. No one will be left behind, as there will always be a riding leader close to the group at the back. Normally the main tour divides up into 2 or 3 groups, with riders of similar abilities riding together. We will meet the support vehicle normally a couple of times a day, to ‘re-fuel’ and take a little rest. The social aspect of the tour is very important. Over the tour the group gets to know each other well, and with a common goal, it’s a great experience socially as well as physically. They will be fun!

There will also be gpx files available for each tour, and if you have a garmin, they are invaluable, and make life much easier.

The iconic ‘LEJOG’ (Lands End to John O’Groats) is the daddy of our End-to-End tours and always proves very popular but we also offer other options for those who want to explore the beautiful Emerald Isle of Ireland or Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Portugal. All tours offer something different whether that be in the duration, terrain or the scenery to be enjoyed.

With any ACT tour you can expect the standard of accommodation and support to be of the highest quality and further details of routes and activity level can be found within the tour information.

Of course, if you have any questions on any of our tours, then please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.