Charity Tours

One of the early aims of ACT was to put on tours specifically to help charities raise funds. However, it was soon realised that this is a specialist area of expertise, with a different way of operation for Charity tours, compared to the normal tours.

So, with Emma Johnson, we have set up Challenge Tonic Ltd. A company designed to work with Charities and charity supporters, to raise funds for their specific causes.

Working with Charities directly, we offer them and their supporters, amazing opportunities to raise much needed funds.

Our adventure challenges are not only an incredible way to raise money for a great cause but they give you an inspiring focus and sense of achievement and will stretch you, and push you to your limits.

With these challenges you might be cycling, kayaking, walking or maybe all three. Our challenges literally are life changing, not just for you, but for many many people who benefit from the work that Charities perform, work they often cannot do without the outstanding efforts of their supporters and fund-raisers. What better way to help charities, than through one of our Adventure Challenges!

So, if you are a Charity, or a charity supporter/fundraiser, visit our charity focussed website at and undertake one of our challenges.

‘Adventure Challenges to change lives’.

Charity Tours