ACT Cycling Tours runs supported cycling tours for individuals who love cycling, but want to take on a challenge as well. Achieving something significant, while having an amazing time! PLUS we can collect your bike from your door, and deliver it back, after the tour

We specialise in ‘End to End’ rides. That’s from one end of a country to the other end. Sometimes north to South, sometimes East to West, whichever is the longest!

We offer ‘End to End’ challenges in Ireland, Great Britain, Portugal, Slovenia & the Pyrenees, to name just a few, plus bespoke rides for various Charities and Cycling Clubs.

The ACT cycle team is headed up by me, Martyn Ryan. I am a qualified Tour Leader, and Outdoor First Aid trained.

I am passionate about cycling and am committed to making your dream of completing a cycle tour into a reality.

I have been involved in planning trips and fundraising for many years and finally realised that I should bring the chance of completing an iconic tour such as Lands End to John O’Groats, or Paris to Nice, to others, hence the birth of ACT Cycling Tours.

When not on a bike, I am happiest creating and mapping new adventures! I’m a motivator and encourager………and you’ll soon learn my trade mark catch phrase, ‘no significant hills today……….’ (And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything !!)